Serie, animation, eps n. TBD/ 4’

We want to highlight the way thought has been designed through its three pillars: the idea, the plan and the action, to materialize solutions to the different problems that any person faces from an early age.


Stella & Lennox is a series designed for boys and girls between 6 and 8 years old which emphasizes the value of effort and creativity for problem solving.


Capsules of educational content based on sustainability, recycling and ecology. Each piece contains educational content to help increase children’s awareness through fun and lovely characters. Curiosity, creativity and proactivity are the main aspects of Stella’s personality, a restless 8-year-old girl who lives in Halley Valley, and who together with Lennox, her intelligent scooter, will be manage to solve the problems of her community through her wit and technology. At the same time, together with her family (especially her grandfather), and her neighborhood friends, the importance of teamwork and mutual learning is reinforced.


Our 3% in this case will go to educational projects for sustainable development and environmental sustainability.

Technical Director: John Paul Giancarlo

Production Director: Eduardo Chibás

Executive Direction: Manuel Obregón

Sound Post-production: Carnaby Studios